"I’ve fished many rivers, for many years in Slovenia. Each time it’s been my pleasure to fish with Tom as my guide. His knowledge of the environment and skills as a fisherman are second to none. I can’t recommend Water Man Adventures enough."

Paul, United Kingdom



I had the awesome experience of joining 4 other international fishing friends and and a couple of Slovenians on a river fishing trip in their homeland. it was amazing. The Water Man Adventures team took us all to their favorite rivers -  Sava Bohinjka, Unica, Idrijca, Soca, Radovna, and Lepena. Each of the rivers had there beauty and charm and beautiful fish. My favorite rivers though were the Lepena with it’s lovely mountain views and deep pool where we could see so many fish swimming as we viewed from the high boulder,  and the Soca with it’s tropical like colors and the trout there were as pale as the white river bottom. Tomaz realized his goal of getting us all into Browns, Rainbows, Grayling and the elusive Marble trout. Tomaz knows his waters and the trout hangouts ! :-).  Also don’t miss the tour through the Postojna Cave, so amazing!   A most memorable week!!

Fran, Canada



Slovenia is a diverse and magical fishery set in alpine scenery right out of the Sound of Music.  The infrastructure is modern and the food and people are wonderful.  If it’s not on your “bucket list” of destinations, I suggest you add it immediately!

Richard, Pennsylvania, USA



Fly fishing in Slovenia with you as my guide remains one of the highlights of a 40 year fly fishing career, Tomaz. Beautiful, clear rivers flowing through historic towns and 3 of the 4 fish in a Slovenian super grand slam in one day! Thoroughly enjoyed my brief visit to your country.

Scott, Washington, USA