Sava Bohijnka


The Sava Bohinjka starts its journey at the outflow from Lake Bohinj.  The river drops significantly on its 32 kilometer journey to the Sava River, so it has plenty oxygen to sustain its large population of cold-water fish. As it descends to the Sava, the river bed transitions from fast and deep pools to rapids, and finally to being relatively wide and smooth – offering a variety of waters that will keep both beginner and expert fly fishermen entertained. 

Location: The Sava Bohinjka is located in northwest Slovenia

Fishing Area Management: Sava Bohinjka is divided into 3 parts managed by 3 different organizations:  The upper part, from Lake Bohinj to the bridge near the town of Bohinska Bistrica, is managed by the Bohinj Fishing Club. The middle part, from the bridge in the town of Bohinjska Bistrica to the dam in Soteska, is managed by the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia. The lower part, from the dam in Soteska to the confluence with the Sava Dolinka River is managed by Bled Fishing Club. Fishing Details: The Sava Bohinjka is renowned as the river on which flyfishing lasts for the entire season and which has good success even with periodic higher water flow rates. The fishing season for trout for this river begins in April and ends in November.  Flyfishing for the Danube Salmon – special for this river - starts in December and lasts till the middle of February. 

Allowed Methods of Fishing: Flyfishing only, with one fly with a barbless hook (traditional hooks must have a flattened barb). No strike indicators or any additions to tippets or leaders are allowed. 

Fish species:  Danubian Salmon, also known as Huchen (Hucho hucho) Brown Trout (Salmo trutta fario) Grayling (Thymallus thymallus)  Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss

Accommodation Options: The area near the Sava Bohinjka offers a full variety of accommodations, from Hotels to Lodges. Here are some examples: · Grand Hotel Toplice Bled  · Hotel Lovec  · Hotel Tripič  · Penzion Mayer 

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