Unica River

The Unica River is one of the most beautiful limestone (chalk) streams in continental Europe. Parts of the river are deep and full of mystery, while on other stretches the river flows briskly over gravel and pebbles, offering the angler easy access and comfortable wading. The Unica is justly famous for its prolific insect life, to include massive hatches of mayfly that occur at the end of May and continue throughout the summer. Sedges and stoneflies also hatch in very large numbers. This unique and rare river is very special, and Slovenia is ensuring that it will be well preserved it for future generations. 

Location: The Unica River is located in central Slovenia. 

Fishing Area Management: The Unica River is managed solely by the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia

Fishing Details: The Unica regularly floods the surrounding meadows, forming a shallow lake that affords plenty of food for all types of fish. Prior to the introduction of Slovenian Grayling, the Unica was famous throughout Europe for its abundance of large Brown Trout. Today, the Grayling prevails, but management efforts are bringing a better balance between trout and grayling. It's true to say that the trout of the Unica are among the most beautiful in Slovenia! The fishing season begins in May and ends in November. 

Allowed Methods of Fishing: Flyfishing only, with one fly with a barbless hook (traditional hooks must have a flattened barb). No strike indicators or any additions to tippets or leaders are allowed. There is a section of the river that is reserved for dry flies only. Fish Species:  Brown Trout (Salmo trutta fario) Grayling (Thymallus thymallus),

Accommodation Options: The area near the Unica offers a full variety of accommodations, from Hotels to Lodges. Here are some examples: · Hotel Kras Postojna  · Hotel Jama  · Jeršin Inn  

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