The narrow Radovna valley is found in the center of Slovenia’s only National Park (Triglav National Park). In the wild upper part of the valley, there are no villages and just a few farms – buts there is a good paved road with very little traffic alongside the upper part of the river. In lower part, the Radovna leaves the Triglav National Park for short time but then returns back to it in Bled Gorge. The Radovna River offers non-demanding fly fishing for those who are not obsessed with fish size and prefer solitude on water – it is a perfect alternative to the nearby, relatively more crowded Sava Bohinjka river. 

Location: The Radovna River is a tributary of the Sava River, which eventually runs into the Black Sea. The Radovna River is in North West Slovenia.   

Fishing Area Management: Radovna is divided into 2 parts managed by 2 different managing organizations:  1. The upper part from source to dam in Blejski Vintgar is managed by Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia. 2. The lower part from dam in Blejski Vintgar to confluence with Sava Dolinka is managed by fishing family Jesenice Fishing Club

Fishing Details: The Radovna is a typical alpine stream with cold water throughout the year. In the upper reaches,  good brown trout are to be found, while lower down there are very large rainbows that test the skills of visiting anglers. Fly fishing on this river lasts over the entire season and can be also done at slightly higher water level, because stream never gets too cloudy. The fishing season begins in March and ends in October. 

Allowed Methods of Fishing: Flyfishing only, with one fly with a barbless hook (traditional hooks must have a flattened barb). No strike indicators or any additions to tippets or leaders are allowed. 

Fish species:  Brown Trout (Salmo trutta fario)  Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss

Accommodation Options: The area near the Radovna offers a full variety of accommodations, from Boutique Hotels to Lodges. Here are some examples: · Grand Hotel Toplice Bled  · Hotel Lovec  · Penzion Mayer  

Points of Cultural Interest and Natural Sights: · Town of Bled  · Triglav National Park  · Village of Gorje