Our Destination Waters for Fly Fishing in Slovenia


A truly unique place for fly fishing...

Slovenia has become a popular destination for good reason. Primarily, there is tremendous diversity in terrain and rivers in Slovenia – with a high concentration in the western part of this small country. In the northern/alpine region, the streams and rivers are cold all year long, and this makes them highly oxygenated and suitable habitat for cold-water fish like trout (and fishermen too) even in the hottest time of the year. Additionally, fly fishing in Slovenia is normally a bit easier because of the low-nutrient (oligotrophic) nature of those streams - fish just have to eat all the time in order to get ready for the cold winter. Therefore, summer can usually mean dry fly action practically all day, not just during mornings and evenings as is typical elsewhere.  Further south in the central and southern region of Slovenia, you will find limestone (Karst) rivers that are much slower, and rich with food. These slower running waters have banks covered with vegetation, and meander through grass fields. Even though wading is easier, fishing there requires different approach with spooky and faster growing fish. Some people will call it a classical ‘chalk stream’ or ‘spring creek’ approach. There are few rivers that are some kind of combination of both of these types, which makes them even more interesting. Needless to say, alpine streams are highly dependable and responsive to precipitation, while the limestone waters offer a comfortable buffer time of 24-36 hours. This buffer time or ‘delay’ is very important, because it means that usual short rainy periods usually do not ruin fishing plans. Generally, alpine streams will normally drop down as fast as they'd gone up, while limestone streams that will be high after 24-36 hours after the rain. The best part of Slovenia in regards to fishing expeditions is that the distance between alpine and limestone waters is only a one hour drive. In fact, there are only two hours needed to drive through the whole country from north to south. Given both types of rivers, along with the lakes that are available, fly fishermen have a great opportunity for good flyfishing conditions practically every day of the season. To make things even better, we can (and will!) change regions and rivers during the fishing day in order to give clients the best opportunities to fish. Generally, the fishing gear needed is a usual trout setup, to include waders, rod, reel, vest, waterproof jacket, flies and normal accessories. Given the magnificent clarity of the alpine waters, it is good to have natural colored clothes and gear. The rod weight and length remains in the first place personal preference, according to mainly used technique by the individual – we have recommendations depending of the trip itinerary. More rods for different occasions can be used, but is not really necessary. We suggest a four piece, medium action rod, 8 foot 6 inches long for a 4-weight line. Up or down one line weight doesn't make much difference and it's again a matter of individual's preference. Breathable waders are an excellent good choice as well.